Regulation and Economic Opportunity: Blueprints for Reform

Executive Summary

It would take the average American almost 250 days of non-stop reading to complete the Code of Federal Regulations. In short, the regulatory environment is so complicated that no one comprehends it in full. After those 250 days, our reader can then start reading the regulations levied by state governments and local municipalities.

Understanding these regulations is challenging. In Regulation and Economic Opportunity: Blueprints for Reform, editors Dr. Adam Hoffer and Dr. Todd Nesbit assemble 27 experts to explain what all of these regulations mean and how to improve them to promote economic opportunity. The book includes discussions of regulations on: alcohol, education, electricity markets, labor, tobacco, zoning, and much more.

Each chapter distills research findings and provides a blueprint for meaningful reform that can bring greater economic opportunity. The goal of each author is to inform the public and bureaucrats of both the direct and indirect effects of regulations.

Regulation and Economic Opportunity will increase awareness of the consequences of regulatory policies. The book’s scholarly insights will be a valued resource to public policy centers and researchers as they shape their arguments for reports and public testimony. Its case studies and literature reviews will quickly bring readers up-to-date on the effects of policy and potential reforms that will promote economic opportunity and prosperity at both state and federal levels.

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