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A policy lesson from Elon Musk

Getting policy right means engaging in the right steps in the right order. Senior Research Fellow, Eli Dourado, joins Caleb O. Brown of the Cato Insitute to detail a lesson for policymakers from a manufacturing titan.

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Exformation – What Happened to All the Chips?

What happened to all the chips? From the microchips that power the Sony’s PS5 to the smart chips that control autonomous vehicles, in this week’s episode Will and Caden dig into the science and economics behind the chip shortage that’s stalling out the production of entire industries. Resources Infineon, Chip Manufacturing – How are Microchips […]

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Exformation – The Broadband Experiment in the Infrastructure Bill

In this week’s Exformation episode, Will and Caden discuss the Broadband funding provisions detailed in the historic $1 Trillion infrastructure bill that passed the Senate this August. While previous proposals targeted at broadband access and infrastructure were overfunded, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act sent to the House is a better representation of what it […]

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Exformation – Killer Acquisitions and Big Tech

In this week’s episode of Exformation, Will and Caden discuss President Biden’s recent executive order on competition and the research on killer acquisitions that have informed the Administration’s approach to tech companies. While policymakers at all levels of government should be concerned about impediments to innovation, a drastic overhaul of antitrust laws isn’t currently needed. […]

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The Eternal Return of Common Carriage

In this week’s episode of Exformation, Will and Caden talk about the latest CGO work on Internet regulation focused on recent proposals to implement common carriage regulation over online speech. As they stand today, social media platforms are innovations in communications technology that have connected us beyond imagination. But outside of Silicon Valley are calls […]

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Exformation – Ellysse Dick on Virtual Reality

Elysse Dick from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation joins Will and Caden this week to discuss the policy implications of virtual reality technologies. Show Notes Link to Ellysse’s Bio: [link] Ellysse’s pieces: Current and Potential Uses of AR/VR for Equity and Inclusion [link] Principles and Policies to Unlock the Potential of AR/VR for Equity […]

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Introducing the Exformation Podcast

In this first episode of Exformation, host Will Rinehart and Co-Host Caden Rosenbaum review and discuss the recent decisions made by the controversial Facebook Oversight Board and how those decisions will impact the future of free speech, the internet, and antitrust.
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