Why Work With The CGO?

At the CGO, we are dedicated to fostering innovation, research, and thoughtful leadership. We work with scholars and professors around the world to produce transformative ideas and research. Learn how contributing research to the CGO can further your research career.

Interested in working with us? Drop us a note at research@thecgo.org.

Joy Buchanan

I found it very helpful to work with the CGO to develop a policy paper. I especially appreciated a chance to get feedback.

Joy Buchanan, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor Economics, Finance, and Quantitative Analysis at Samford University. Her research with the CGO covers adjustments in the technology labor force and tech retraining programs.

Ted Bolema

The Center for Growth and Opportunity’s high-quality research is making an impact on public policy, much of it on topics that are important and are receiving too little attention everywhere else. Anyone seeking to have their research become more impactful should consider collaborating with the CGO.

Ted Bolema, Ph.D., is the founding Executive Director of the Institute for the Study of Economic Growth and Associate Professor of Economics at the W. Frank Barton School of Business Administration at Wichita State University. Dr. Bolema analyzed the impact of a November 2022 Federal Trade Commission Policy Statement on antitrust.

Richard West

As an academic, I do research in order to improve society and the world. Collaborating with the Center for Growth and Opportunity helped me craft my research to better impact policy and translate to something more useful for the public. I grew as a writer and scholar through this collaboration experience!

Richard West is a Professor in the Instructional Psychology and Technology department at Brigham Young University. Professor West published research with CGO on how How micro and nanocredentials could revolutionize higher education.

Jessica Melugin

Working with the Center for Growth and Opportunity was a pleasure. They provided insightful feedback during the writing process and a reasonable timeline to make for a thoughtful product. After the paper was complete, they were supportive in promoting my work and expanding its reach. I’m grateful to have had the chance to partner with them.

Jessica Melugin is the Director Center for Technology and Innovation at Competitive Enterprise Institute. Digital technology expert Jessica Melugin surveyed the app store marketplace in her research on app store competition.

James Broughel

The CGO’s commitment to academic rigor and intellectual honesty contributes to it being one of the most cutting-edge research centers that shapes public policy. The organization’s culture of creative thinking and open-mindedness should be attractive to anyone looking to work for an impactful and forward-thinking institution.

James Broughel, Ph.D., is a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and an adjunct professor of law at the Antonin Scalia Law School. Dr. Broughel completed an analysis on key issues underlying value of a statistical life (VSL) model.

Yoram Bauman

CGO has helped me present my working paper with professional editing and high-quality graphics. Thank you!

Yoram Bauman, Ph.D., is an environmental economist who founded Carbon Washington and is “the world’s first and only stand-up economist.” Dr. Bauman’s CGO analysis dove into two carbon tax policy options that incentivize emissions reductions in a pocketbook-friendly way.