Our philosophy

We empower our fellows to discover, develop, and deploy their unique abilities in a setting that encourages them to make meaningful contributions to today’s most pressing challenges.

In fact, we engage our students on every project we produce, and many of our papers are co-authored by our student fellows.

Learn by doing:

From your first day with us, you will be fully integrated into our research process. No one learned to ride a bike by watching others, and we don’t expect you to learn research that way, either.

In addition to working alongside our worldwide network of distinguished researchers, we will create opportunities for you to develop the hard and soft skills needed to succeed in business, public policy, government, and academia.

Individualized learning experiences:

You cannot discover, develop, and deploy your unique abilities through a one-size-fits-all model. This is why we have crafted individualized experiences that are tailored to your needs and interests. We will help you assess where you are and what you need to succeed, and then create a mix of one-on-one trainings, hands-on experiences, and small-group workshops to learn the latest research techniques.

Our fellowships

CGO Undergraduate Research Fellowship

This is an opportunity for students in the Huntsman School of Business to participate in life-changing, timely, and policy-relevant research while working to complete an undergraduate degree. Fellows receive funding of $3,000 per semester.

CGO fellowships begin in August and conclude at the end of the following spring semester. Fellowships can be renewed until the completion of the required courses for a student’s degree.

CGO Graduate Research Fellowship

This is an opportunity available to students pursuing a master’s degree in the Huntsman School of Business. CGO graduate fellows receive funding equal to full in-state plus differential tuition. Qualified nonresident students are eligible to receive full tuition funding via a non-resident tuition waiver.

CGO fellowships begin in August and conclude the last day of the following spring semester. CGO fellowships can be renewed until the completion of the required courses for a student’s degree.

Amy Rees Anderson Academic Entrepreneurs

This is a research fellowship program for female Huntsman School students who are interested in careers related to higher education, academia, business, or public policy. Fellows receive funding of $3,000 per semester.

In addition to the standard fellowship opportunities offered by the CGO, ARA fellows take part in professional development training and receive personal mentorship with Amy Rees Anderson.

For more information, please contact Erica Darley at [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are CGO fellowships full-time jobs? How much of a time commitment is it to be a CGO fellow?
A: As a CGO fellow, you’ll be a part of the center’s research team and work alongside our network of scholars. Fellows are expected to spend around 20 hours each week on research and related activities. While it is not a full-time job, you can expect to be offered opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.
Q: How can I be a CGO research fellow?

A: We offer fellowships for both undergraduate and graduate students. CGO Undergraduate Research Fellows need to be pursuing an economics or finance major. Graduate fellowship eligibility is limited to students in the Huntsman School of Business’s MSE, MSFE, and MDATA-E programs. Any undergraduate Huntsman School of Business program satisfies the eligibility requirements for the Amy Rees Anderson Academic Entrepreneurs program. Note that the CGO fellowships’ application processes are distinct from the application processes for Utah State and Huntsman School of Business programs. Being offered a CGO fellowship does not guarantee admission into a program. 

Q: Can I apply to the CGO before I’ve been accepted into an academic program that would make me eligible?
A: Yes! However, you will not officially be a fellow until you’ve been accepted into a prerequisite program. For example, if you intend to pursue a Huntsman School of Business MSE, but you have not yet been accepted into that program, you can still apply for a CGO fellowship. However, if you receive a fellowship offer, it will be conditional upon your acceptance into that graduate program.
Q: Do I need prior research experience to be a CGO research fellow?
A: No! Most of our CGO research fellows don’t have any research experience before their time with us. It’s more important that you’re enthusiastic about our work and are excited to apply yourself fully.
Q: What sorts of things does the Center for Growth and Opportunity research?
A: We seek solutions to pressing, real-world challenges. Technology and innovation, immigration, and environmental stewardship are the main issues we study. We have also pursued projects related to healthcare, criminal justice reform, education, housing, and more. You can find our full research library here.
Q: What kind of research will I be doing as a CGO research fellow?
A: It varies widely! Fellows may help to formulate research questions, write literature reviews, collect or manage data, edit and revise papers, fact-check claims, and more. As they gain experience, fellows may even become co-authors of significant CGO research. Fellows also have an opportunity to present their research at conferences, symposia, and other events.
Q: How can I learn more about CGO’s student programs?
A: You can always email [email protected] to learn more, or if you are in Logan feel free to stop by our offices in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.