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Here at The Center for Growth and Opportunity, we have a unique way of confronting challenges. Relentless optimism. Bold commitment. Fearless innovation. We want to leave the world a better place than when we got here. Whether it’s our award-winning students, or our world-class researchers, we look to work together to find creative solutions to today’s most pressing issues. We’re committed to turning ideas into action.

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William Rinehart Joins Todd Feinburg

Will Rinehart joins Todd Feinburg (WTIC) to discuss the congressional testimony from Facebook insider, what it means for the company, and the implications from the hearing. Listen to the interview below.

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Why Capitalists in Space Are Good for Americans’ Future

Nothing quite exposes differing views on innovation than billionaires launching their own rockets into space. As Blue Origin ascended, carrying Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, critics rose up against private space tourism efforts. They repeated all the same slogans as the week before when Virgin Galactic CEO Richard Branson took a trip. But the harshest critics […]

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Policy, TFP, and airships

  CGO Senior Fellow Eli Dourado joins Benjamin Reinhardt on the Idea Machines podcast to discuss how the sausage of technology policy is made, the relationship between total factor productivity and technological progress, airships, and more.

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Utah vs. Google

Will Rinehart joins Boyd Matheson on Inside Sources to discuss the recent lawsuit against google led by Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes.
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