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Opening the US to Hong Kongers Would Promote America’s Aims

On December 19, the Hong Kong People’s Freedom and Choice Act failed to advance in the Senate due to objections from Senator Ted Cruz. The bill would allow people in Hong Kong to claim refugee status in the United States if they’ve faced persecution for their political beliefs. It’s a disappointing failure because just 11 days prior, the bill […]

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Op-Ed: Big Tech May Become The Next Champion Of Free Speech

Occam’s Razor needs to be applied more broadly in the debate over free speech online. If you think your political position is being suppressed by Facebook or Google or Twitter, it probably isn’t. More likely, your post was taken down because you violated a rule and then interpreted the takedown as a nefarious attempt at […]

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Policy Briefing: Critical Habitat Designations & Proposed ESA Reforms

Recently, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed a new rule regarding the administration of critical habitat designations for endangered species. Critical habitat designations on private land can discourage property owners from maintaining or restoring habitat for protected species. Because private lands provide essential habitat for endangered wildlife, it’s important that reforms boost the […]

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TV: Tick-Tock for TikTok?

Senior Research Fellow Will Rinehart joined Jim Lokay on The Final 5 (Fox 5 DC) to break down the President’s recent executive order on TikTok and WeChat, and how that could alter how the government handles private business.

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Op-ed: Don’t Ban TikTok Before A Public Trial

On August 6, the White House gave TikTok’s parent company in Beijing, ByteDance, 45 days to sell off the social media app or face a ban in the United States. Senior Research Fellow, Will Rinehart argues against an outright ban in the U.S. in this Daily Caller op-ed.

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Op-ed: SB1070 failed — it didn’t make anyone safer

Wednesday, July 29 marked the 10-year anniversary since the controversial implementation of SB 1070. Commonly called the “show-me-your-papers” law, supporters argued that it would reduce crime in communities. But has SB 1070 actually made Arizonans safer? New evidence suggests it has not.

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Big Tech Antitrust Hearings

William Rinehart at Utah State University discusses the news about big tech companies testifying before the House on antitrust, politics, and censorship.

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Radio: Contact Tracing and Technology

Lowman Henry of American Radio Journal talks with senior research fellow, William Rinehart, about the promise and pitfalls of contact tracing. Will notes that application based contact tracing should only be considered as a supplement to manual contact tracing.

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