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A policy lesson from Elon Musk

Getting policy right means engaging in the right steps in the right order. Senior Research Fellow, Eli Dourado, joins Caleb O. Brown of the Cato Insitute to detail a lesson for policymakers from a manufacturing titan.

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William Rinehart Joins Todd Feinburg

Will Rinehart joins Todd Feinburg (WTIC) to discuss the congressional testimony from Facebook insider, what it means for the company, and the implications from the hearing. Listen to the interview below.

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Exformation – What Happened to All the Chips?

What happened to all the chips? From the microchips that power the Sony’s PS5 to the smart chips that control autonomous vehicles, in this week’s episode Will and Caden dig into the science and economics behind the chip shortage that’s stalling out the production of entire industries. Resources Infineon, Chip Manufacturing – How are Microchips […]

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Exformation – The Broadband Experiment in the Infrastructure Bill

In this week’s Exformation episode, Will and Caden discuss the Broadband funding provisions detailed in the historic $1 Trillion infrastructure bill that passed the Senate this August. While previous proposals targeted at broadband access and infrastructure were overfunded, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act sent to the House is a better representation of what it […]

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Tech_States: 2021

JW Marriott Grande Lakes Palazzo Ballroom Salon F-G, Lobby Level Monday, August 30th Hosts Will Rinehart Will Rinehart is a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Growth and Opportunity, where he specializes in telecommunication, Internet, and data policy, with a focus on emerging technologies and innovation. Rinehart was formerly the Director of Technology and […]

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Why Capitalists in Space Are Good for Americans’ Future

Nothing quite exposes differing views on innovation than billionaires launching their own rockets into space. As Blue Origin ascended, carrying Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, critics rose up against private space tourism efforts. They repeated all the same slogans as the week before when Virgin Galactic CEO Richard Branson took a trip. But the harshest critics […]

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Exformation – Killer Acquisitions and Big Tech

In this week’s episode of Exformation, Will and Caden discuss President Biden’s recent executive order on competition and the research on killer acquisitions that have informed the Administration’s approach to tech companies. While policymakers at all levels of government should be concerned about impediments to innovation, a drastic overhaul of antitrust laws isn’t currently needed. […]

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The Great Antidote – Ike Brannon

Ike Brannon, former economic advisor to the U.S. Treasury and Senior Fellow at the Jack Kemp Foundation, joins us this week to discuss disaster relief, FEMA, insurance, and the future of disaster policy in the United States.   Guest bio Ike Brannon is an economist in Washington DC who writes primarily about public policy. He […]

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