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Technology and Innovation

Why do we no longer expect large step-changes in economic growth? Why have we become complacent with predictable and incremental changes in technologies and business models? Our research reclaims the sense of wonder and optimism that has been the foundation of our greatest discoveries and achievements.
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Environmental Stewardship

How do we effectively conserve and protect America’s treasured landscapes and natural resources? Can we better encourage the protection of endangered species, clean our air and water, and preserve scenic sites across the country? Our research explores how cooperative and incentive-based approaches are crucial to achieving better environmental outcomes.
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Does our current immigration system set the United States up for social and economic success? Today, more than 44 million immigrants live in the US, and each year about one million more enter. They bring their hopes, dreams, and shared prosperity. Our immigration research details how immigrants contribute to the growth and development of the US.
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We connect academic entrepreneurs with the challenges of today

We do this by exploring the way key institutions in society — business, government, and community — ignite economic growth and increase opportunity for everyone to improve their lives.

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Technology and Innovation

The Creativity Contest: An Experimental Investigation of Eliciting Employee Creativity

1 Introduction Many employees have creative ideas about how to innovate within their organization because of their day-to-day involvement in the firm’s operations. However, they often do not share their ideas because doing so requires time and effort (Morrison and Wilhelm Jr. 2004; Garicano and Rayo 2017; Sandvik et al.
Technology and Innovation

“Bringing Dark Patterns to Light” FTC Workshop Public Comment

Response to Question 1: Defining Dark Patterns The term “dark pattern” was initially coined by London-based designer Harry Brignull in 2010 to bring attention to deceptive user design (UX) techniques.1See e.g., Arunesh Mathur, et al., Dark Patterns at Scale: Findings from a Crawl of 11K…
State and Local Policy

How to Reform Occupational Licensing in Utah

Introduction Immediately upon taking office in 2021, Utah Governor Spencer Cox issued Executive Order 2021-01.1Utah Exec. Order No. 2021-01 ( Jan. 4, 2021). The executive order requires that each licensing agency in Utah conduct a review of occupational licensing requirements and make recommendations on “ways…
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