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Technology and Innovation

Why do we no longer expect large step-changes in economic growth? Why have we become complacent with predictable and incremental changes in technologies and business models? Our research reclaims the sense of wonder and optimism that has been the foundation of our greatest discoveries and achievements.
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Environmental Stewardship

How do we effectively conserve and protect America’s treasured landscapes and natural resources? Can we better encourage the protection of endangered species, clean our air and water, and preserve scenic sites across the country? Our research explores how cooperative and incentive-based approaches are crucial to achieving better environmental outcomes.
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Does our current immigration system set the United States up for social and economic success? Today, more than 44 million immigrants live in the US, and each year about one million more enter. They bring their hopes, dreams, and shared prosperity. Our immigration research details how immigrants contribute to the growth and development of the US.
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We connect academic entrepreneurs with the challenges of today

We do this by exploring the way key institutions in society — business, government, and community — ignite economic growth and increase opportunity for everyone to improve their lives.

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Environmental Stewardship

Bringing NEPA Back to Basics

If we are to address the challenges of our time, whether they be climate change or the emergence of strategic adversaries, we must not let NEPA keep one hand tied behind our backs.
State and Local Policy

What are the Effects of Utah Income Tax Rate Cuts?

1. Introduction With state budget surpluses and record high state reserve account balances, Utah lawmakers are considering policy reforms for the 2023 legislative session that continue to support the state’s growth while leaving some reserves available for potential economic downturn in the future. For the third time since 2018, a…
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