Eli Dourado on Supersonic Jet Flight, Energy & Climate Innovation and Regulatory Hacking

Eli Dourado from the CGO and Niklas Anzinger from Stranded Technologies Podcast have a conversation about many things, including technology, innovation, and regulatory bottlenecks.

Energy is the key to a better future. The major regulatory mistake was the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), which led to a major slowdown in the adoption of nuclear energy and hampered America’s ability to build new infrastructure. Eli sees potential for modular and small-scale nuclear power. He also sees geothermal energy as a major potential source of clean energy, made possible by better drilling techniques developed during the hydraulic fracturing boom.

Generally, Eli sees the pro-progress camp aligned with the environmental movement. The major disagreement he has is with the de-growth camp. Instead, to solve environmental challenges more economic growth is needed. Economic growth is at the heart of improving society in all areas and developing better solutions for problems such as climate change.

After a Tour de France through many promising areas in technology, Eli is optimistic that entrepreneurs can overcome the regulatory challenges that often come with adoption. It’s hard, but it can be fun, and come with a moat for your businesses.

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