InfluenceWatch Podcast #285: The AI Revolution Is Here (Whether You Want It or Not)

Those of us old enough to remember the panic over Y2K – a panic that was, as it turns out, mostly driven by fear of the unknown – see a certain resemblance between the year 2000 and today as artificial intelligence – popularly known as AI — joins the party. Its emergence has been met with both excitement and trepidation. Will it make mundane tasks easier? Will it help our kids do better in school? Will large language models infect our discourse with bias? Are the graphics programs going to change art as we know it? Will Skynet become aware? And who will be funding, pushing, and regulating this next phase of tech innovation? In short, is AI something to fear or something to embrace, something to turn loose or take in hand? And how much should our always eager government get involved in its development and dispersion? Taylor Barkley joins Sarah Lee and Michael Watson on the Influence Watch podcast to discuss.

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