Op-ed: Repressive state-laws can harm mental health

A popular theory about mental health for children and young adults revolves around increased social media exposure. Digital technology now allows for the quick and rampant display of narcissistic sentiments and even intentions to bully. Research in this area is developing, but it appears to be dependent on how users engage with social media. Indeed, some uses are connected to degraded mental health, but the picture is complex and evolving.

Could increasing suicide ideation also be caused by drug and alcohol abuse? Perhaps not, since statistics indicate that such behaviors did not increase significantly from 2007 to 2017 as suicide numbers climbed.

Our recent study, published by the Center for Growth and Opportunity, looked at the immigration policy angle of mental health. We examined Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070, which is commonly referred to as the “show me your papers” law. It authorizes Arizona’s police officers to conduct immigration checks if they have reasonable suspicion that a person is in the U.S. illegally.

Read the op-ed in the Arizona Daily Star here.

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