Economist Eli Dourado: “City lights on the moon and living past 130”

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent brings on Eric Goldman, law professor at Santa Clara University, to talk about what tech regulation will look like under Joe Biden (4:00), Congressional gridlock (7:00), the importance of Section 230 (8:15), social media’s Lehman Brothers moment (10:25), cable news’ central role in disinformation (12:40), what he would do as tech czar (14:05), and the effectiveness of labelling posts (17:05). 

THEN: Utah State economist Eli Dourado comes on to talk about the biggest tech innovations of the next decade, like life extension (18:45), being a different kind of economist (24:00), the prize of increasing healthspan (26:10), turning back the clock (27:45), the Apple Watch replacing your doctor (30:15), when electric cars take over (32:20), machine learning enabling super human performance (36:10), why he focuses on innovation (39:50), why the future is in space (41:05), outer space manufacturing (45:50), glasses as the next frontier of computing (50:15), and the 1960’s as the golden age of productivity (53:20).

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