Announcing the CGO’s Innovation Policy Fellowship

Come work with us!

At the Center for Growth and Opportunity, we are dedicated to producing ideas that transform lives, improving individual well-being, and breaking down barriers that are holding back progress. As a part of this, our research team is focused on finding optimistic and actionable solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges and opportunities — clean energy, data privacy, artificial intelligence, genetic editing and synthetic biology, mobility and transportation, emerging technologies, the future of work, competition policy, regulation.

As we grow our research team, we are excited to announce that we are looking for creative, enthusiastic researchers to join our team as Innovation Fellows. This is the perfect opportunity for early-career individuals looking to build their career in research with a focus on public policy issues surrounding technology policy.

Our Innovation Fellows will spend a year or two working with our research, outreach, and communications team to build not only the foundation for a meaningful research portfolio but also learn the skills necessary to be world-class communicators and champions for their ideas.

Little experience in working on technology policy research? Perfect! We aren’t looking for established expertise. Instead, we want individuals with a demonstrated commitment, scrappiness, and willingness to learn.

You can find all the details about our Innovation Fellowship here. If you’re interested, please apply! Please share this announcement with others who might be interested!

CGO scholars and fellows frequently comment on a variety of topics for the popular press. The views expressed therein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Center for Growth and Opportunity or the views of Utah State University.