Op-ed: Surprise Trump immigration deal would boost US economy

In a surprising break from the usual proposals from President Trump’s administration, Politico reported this week on the beginnings of a compromise that would provide more visas and increase the number of immigrants. Not much is known about the structure of the deal so far, but discussions reportedly center on creating additional categories of temporary work visas to meet the needs of agriculture and construction industries.

As someone who grew up in a town with more cows than people, I cannot find major faults with these proposals. Growing up, the grocery store in my hometown closed down due to a lack of customers, and other businesses were constantly looking for workers. My hometown’s experience is far from unique. Across America, businesses are desperately seeking workers. Reforming our immigration system would help power U.S. businesses and continue the economic success of the last decade.

Read the full op-ed as it was published by The Hill.

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