Eli Dourad‪o on Village Global’s Venture Stories

CGO Senior Research Fellow Eli Dourado joins Co-Founder and Partner of Village Global Erik Torenberg on the Venture Stories Podcast to discuss the 2020s, economic growth, and deep tech. Also discussed:

– Why Eli wants to radically increase GDP per capita and the current bottlenecks to achieving that.

– Why he thinks the 2020s will be the decade of atoms.

– Why amazing scientific breakthroughs like CRISPR haven’t translated into new products or treatments.

– Why he’s excited about geothermal power and how it could change geopolitics if its potential is realized.

– His breakdown of his position as a technological optimist and cultural pessimist.

– Where he agrees or disagrees with Tyler Cowen, Bryan Caplan, Peter Thiel, and Samuel Hammond.

– Why entrepreneurs shouldn’t shy away from areas with regulatory risk, since “that’s where all the action happens.”

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