Seth Dunn

Former Graduate Research Fellow


Seth recently completed his Masters of Science in Economics in Spring 2023. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Economics and Philosophy in Spring 2022, both from Utah State.

During his time as a graduate student, Seth actively contributed to the CGO, focusing his research efforts on immigration. His association with the CGO allowed him to play a vital role in analyzing policy options aimed at enhancing the well-being of individuals. Specifically, Seth conducted research on the diversity of immigration-related fiscal cost estimates, critically examining methodological choices that lead to varied estimates. Notably, he co-authored an article titled “Immigrants can keep Social Security alive.”

If he could share one truth with the world, it would be the profound impact of informed charitable donations and career choices. With evidence from a reputable source (, he highlights the substantial differences in effectiveness across various charities. By strategically directing resources and pursuing careers aligned with high-impact endeavors, individuals can actively contribute to reducing suffering and creating positive change.

While Seth is ready to begin his career, he remains open to further academic opportunities, considering the possibility of pursuing a Ph.D. Additionally, Seth is keen on exploring opportunities in policy-making, using his research background and passion for influencing effective policies that address pressing societal issues.

About Student Research Fellowships

Undergraduate Research Fellows at the Center for Growth and Opportunity work alongside CGO’s research staff and a worldwide network of scholars. Our fellows are integral components to the Center’s research process.

During their fellowships, undergraduate students have the opportunity to write independently as well as contribute to ongoing research. Students are guided through the research process as they help answer questions related to technology and innovation, environmental stewardship, immigration, and tax policy. CGO fellows are encouraged to share their research at academic conferences, poster exhibitions, and symposiums. Our fellows also work with the Center’s outreach team to get their research to the right people, at the right time in order to make real changes in the world.