Michael Coon

University of Tampa


CGO Contributing Scholar Michael Coon is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Tampa.

Coon’s primary research interests are in empirical microeconomics, particularly in the areas of economic development, the economics of migration and income remittances, and household labor decisions, with a focus on Latin American economies. His recent and current work focuses on income transfers between migrants and their home countries, and how they relate to child labor, crime, financial development and foreign direct investment. He also studies how immigrants fare in the US, particularly how immigration laws affect economic outcomes of migrants. His research has been published in the Eastern Economic Journal, IZA Journal of Migration and IZA Journal of Labor & Development.

Coon has also led several service-learning trips in collaboration with H.O.P.E. (www.hopehaiti.org) to bring students to Borgne, Haiti, to participate in a school revitalization project.

Publications by Michael Coon