Mark Jamison

Public Utility Research Center


Dr. Mark Jamison is the Director and Gerald Gunter Professor of the Public Utility Research Center (PURC) at the University of Florida, where he also leads the Digital Markets Initiative (DMI). His research focuses on business and government policy, with a primary emphasis on information technology and utilities industries. Dr. Jamison is widely recognized for his work in competition policy, regulation of information technologies, and institutional development in regulation. He has shared his expertise through educational programs in numerous countries and has held influential roles in various organizations, including the U.S. Presidential Transition Team in 2015-2016.

In addition to his role at PURC and DMI, Dr. Jamison is a Research Associate with the UF Center for Public Policy Research and a Non-resident Senior Fellow with the American Enterprise Institute. His academic journey also includes serving as the former Associate Director of Business and Economic Studies for the UF Center for International Business Education and Research, as well as other notable positions in government and academia. His extensive experience and dedication to research continue to make a significant impact on the fields he specializes in.

Dr. Jamison holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Florida.

Publications by Mark Jamison