Maelyn Dougher

Former Undergraduate Research Fellow


Maelyn finished her undergraduate degree in Marketing in Spring 2023.

She joined the CGO in Fall 2021 to research technology-related topics and worked as part of the marketing team. Joining the CGO helped her improve her research skills, her writing, and broaden her understanding of the field. Maelyn also co-authored an important article called “Why our efforts to leave Earth may just help save it.”

Maelyn believes it’s crucial to expand knowledge beyond one’s main field. As a marketing major, she sees the importance of being aware of policies and world events because it broadens understanding and perspectives.

After graduating, Maelyn became a marketing analyst at Strider Intel. In this job, she uses her marketing skills to study market trends, which helps the company make strategic decisions. Maelyn is excited to use her knowledge and skills to make a real difference in the ever-changing field of marketing.

About Student Research Fellowships

Undergraduate Research Fellows at the Center for Growth and Opportunity work alongside CGO’s research staff and a worldwide network of scholars. Our fellows are integral components to the Center’s research process.

During their fellowships, undergraduate students have the opportunity to write independently as well as contribute to ongoing research. Students are guided through the research process as they help answer questions related to technology and innovation, environmental stewardship, immigration, and tax policy. CGO fellows are encouraged to share their research at academic conferences, poster exhibitions, and symposiums. Our fellows also work with the Center’s outreach team to get their research to the right people, at the right time in order to make real changes in the world.

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