Lukas Klicka

Assistant Professor


Dr. Lukas Klicka is a Assistant Professor of Biology at Peru State College. Prior to that he worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant with the University of Kansas teaching courses including Evolutionary Biology, Principles of  Genetics, Ornithology, and Principles of Organismal Biology. Prior to this, Dr. Klicka worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at San Diego State University and served as a Guest Lecturer there.  He has been an Adjunct Lecturer at Haskell Indian Nations University where he taught Organismal Biology. Dr. Klicka has been active in mentoring, having assisted a team of students on a biodiversity survey expedition to the island of Tetepare and to the Solomon Islands to examine the divergence between bird populations. He has been successful in receiving many grants as well as presenting and speaking at conferences throughout the United States. Dr. Klicka has been active in publishing as well as community outreach and volunteering.


Publications by Lukas Klicka