Lee Johnson

Former Graduate Research Fellow


Lee graduated from Utah State with a Masters of Science degree in Financial Economics, successfully completing his studies in Spring 2023.

During his academic journey, Lee joined the CGO in Fall 2021, where he focused his research on environmental issues. His decision to join the CGO was driven by his eagerness to gain practical research experience and expand his understanding of relevant policies. Throughout his time at the CGO, Lee conducted research on the restructuring of wildlife policy, and he co-authored the benchmark article titled “Passing the buck on conservation funding.”

One significant fact that Lee would like to share with the world is the importance of close personal relationships in leading a fulfilling life. He believes that meaningful connections with others play a crucial role in our overall well-being and happiness. By nurturing these relationships and understanding the impact our actions have on those around us, we can create more satisfying and enriching experiences for ourselves and others.

Having completed his studies, Lee is now prepared to embark on his professional career. He aspires to work in the field of Commercial Banking, using his expertise in financial economics and contributing to the financial industry.

About Student Research Fellowships

Undergraduate Research Fellows at the Center for Growth and Opportunity work alongside CGO’s research staff and a worldwide network of scholars. Our fellows are integral components to the Center’s research process.

During their fellowships, undergraduate students have the opportunity to write independently as well as contribute to ongoing research. Students are guided through the research process as they help answer questions related to technology and innovation, environmental stewardship, immigration, and tax policy. CGO fellows are encouraged to share their research at academic conferences, poster exhibitions, and symposiums. Our fellows also work with the Center’s outreach team to get their research to the right people, at the right time in order to make real changes in the world.

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