Jorgen Harris

Occidental College


Jorgen Harris is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Occidental College. He studied at the University of Chicago for his B.A. and earned his M.A. and Ph.D. from Cornell University. He’s a labor economist, focusing on how skills, job markets, and societal norms connect.

Jorgen’s research digs into how men and women’s job opportunities change when more women join a field. His studies reveal that when more women work in a job, everyone’s wages go down. He also found that male judges are more likely to hire female clerks after working with female judges.

He explores how job markets, society’s rules, and where someone lives affect how parents bring up kids. He looks at things like how safe neighborhoods and schools impact how parents discipline their children. He’s also curious about how government support for low-income workers influences how they raise their kids.

Publications by Jorgen Harris