Jakub Tęcza

University of Florida


Dr. Jakub Tęcza is a Postdoctoral Assistant at the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida. His research interests are in empirical microeconomics. In his work he combines real-world data with statistical inference to answer research questions that are relevant to policymakers and stakeholders, or to test hypotheses dictated by economic theory. He takes pride in combining analytical rigor with the ability to clearly communicate results, both in a technical and non-technical fashion.

As an empiricist, Dr. Tęcza particularly enjoys the data- and statistics-related components of his work. Although he specializes in causal inference, he also has training and experience in other areas of econometrics and data science, such as: forecasting (including single & multiple time-series analysis), classification and prediction methods (machine learning), Monte Carlo simulation methods, and structural estimation of microeconomic models (e.g. demand estimation, models of firm entry, choice models, and dynamic models).

Publications by Jakub Tęcza