Ife Ogunleye

Business for Social Responsibility


Ife Ogunleye is the Manager for Technology and Human Rights in the Americas at BSR. She works with BSR member companies on human rights and technology issues. Her policy experience covers anti-corruption, artificial intelligence, privacy, and tech. In her legal work, she has provided council to multinational companies on energy, financial technology, and telecommunications issues.

She brings several years of experience on a variety of anti-corruption, privacy, tech, and artificial intelligence (AI) policy issues. Prior to joining BSR, Ife worked with companies and government agencies to identify possible impacts or harms that may arise from the development or deployment of AI products as well as appropriate mitigation strategies, and she supported the development of AI regulatory and strategic frameworks in various jurisdictions.

She has also worked as an attorney, providing legal advice to multinational companies in the extractive, energy, telecommunications, and financial technology industries on mergers, acquisitions, and financings as well as conducting anti-corruption, money laundering, and fraud investigations. Ife began her career as a policy analyst working on privacy and consumer protection issues in the UK and Europe.

Ife holds a Master of Development Practice from the University of California, Berkeley and a law degree from the University of Manchester, England.

Publications by Ife Ogunleye