Holly Fretwell

Research Fellow


Holly Fretwell, a research fellow at PERC, has spent over 20 years studying public lands policy, property rights, and markets. She is dedicated to promoting conservation through collaboration and entrepreneurship, driven by her love for the outdoors. Holly is the author of “Who is Minding the Federal Estate: Political Management of America’s Public Lands.” She actively supports the use of market-based approaches in public land management and has provided Congressional testimony on issues related to U.S. national parks and the future of the Forest Service.

In addition to her research, Holly has a passion for education. She taught economics at Montana State University for 15 years and now works with the Foundation for Teaching Economics, helping high school teachers by providing them with effective tools to inspire economic thinking. She has also co-authored curriculum materials that concentrate on economic principles for high school educators.

Holly’s academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in resource economics, both obtained from Montana State University.

Publications by Holly Fretwell