Elizabeth Banker

Chamber of Progress


Elizabeth Banker is the VP of Legal Advocacy at the Chamber of Progress. Her career has included key positions at major tech companies and law firms, solidifying her expertise in digital policy.

Before joining the Chamber of Progress, Elizabeth served as the Deputy General Counsel at Internet Association, where she directed consumer privacy and content moderation policies.

Elizabeth’s extensive experience includes roles at Twitter, Yahoo!, and as a shareholder at ZwillGen, a boutique law firm in Washington, D.C., specializing in privacy and security.

She’s testified before Congress on topics like child online safety and Section 230, participated in significant litigation, and contributed as an adjunct professor of law at Georgetown Law Center.

Elizabeth Banker’s academic journey includes summa cum laude graduation from the Columbus School of Law, Catholic University of America, and a master’s degree from Catholic’s School of Philosophy. She earned her B.A. in Philosophy from Northwestern University.

Elizabeth Banker’s work continues to shape the digital landscape and promote responsible online practices.

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