Dustin Tracy

Augusta University


J. Dustin Tracy is a contributing scholar with the CGO. He engages in groundbreaking research that identifies and assesses actionable policies. His focus extends to both the supply and demand sides of healthcare, along with the market institutions that facilitate their interaction, aiming to curtail healthcare costs while optimizing health outcomes. His inquiries delve into the realm of behavioral economics, particularly how principles like framing influence stakeholders’ perceptions of programs and policies, thereby affecting their efficacy. Employing economic experiments, observational techniques, and meta-analysis, he not only contributes to policy development but also advances the fields of economics and health policy, emphasizing the importance of scientific rigor and replicability.

Dustin obtained a PhD in Economics from the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. He also completed Vanderbilt University’s Graduate Program in Economic Development and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Economic Science Institute at Chapman University. Prior to his academic pursuits, he was a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) and practiced psychotherapy.

His academic interests center around Health Economics, Experimental Design, Behavioral Economics, Health Metrics, and Meta-Analysis, underscoring his commitment to diverse aspects of healthcare and research methodology.


Publications by Dustin Tracy