Daniel E. Chand

Kent State University


Daniel E. Chand (“Danny”) received his Ph.D. in Public Policy in the Policy Management specialization at the University of Arkansas and has a master’s in Political Science with an emphasis in Community Development from Illinois State University. His research focuses on nonprofits in the policy process and the implementation of immigration policy. His current projects include a nationwide survey of immigrant-serving organizations and a field research project examining the effects of legal aid provided to detained immigrants, funded by the Russell Sage Foundation. He has published numerous articles in top policy and public administration journals examining topics, such as the discretionary power of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, decision-making by immigration judges, and lobbying activities by nonprofits.

Prior to earning his Ph.D., he spent a number of years working with nonprofits on both development and advocacy projects. His experiences ranged from state-level lobbying with nonprofit public interests law firms, to working for political action committees (PACs), to implementing program evaluations for charitable associations. From 2006 through 2008, he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Zambia.

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