Christoph Nolte

Boston University


Christoph Nolte is an Assistant Professor at Boston University. He is a dedicated researcher focused on conservation effectiveness. He employs spatial data, satellite imagery, and econometrics to answer crucial questions about where, why, and how conservation occurs. His work supports donors, governments, NGOs, and individuals striving to preserve biodiversity.

Currently, Christoph concentrates on land acquisitions for conservation in the U.S., Chile, and Colombia. His research spans various topics, including protected areas, indigenous lands, biosphere reserves, and environmental services. He has conducted empirical studies across 20+ countries.

Before joining Boston University, Christoph completed a Postdoc at Stanford University and earned his PhD from the University of Michigan. His research has garnered support from organizations like the National Science Foundation. Christoph is multilingual, and during his leisure, he enjoys connecting art with nature.

Publications by Christoph Nolte