Chandrayee Chatterjee

Southwestern University


Chandrayee Chatterjee is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics & Business at Southwestern University. Prior to this, she held the position of Lecturer at the Department of Economics, Marketing & Analytics at Southern Utah University. Her Ph.D. in Economics was awarded by Georgia State University.

Chandrayee’s research primarily revolves around investigating the behavioral outcomes resulting from policies within the labor and health sectors. In her work, she employs a range of research methods, including quasi-experimental designs utilizing secondary data, as well as experiments conducted in both laboratory and field settings, all aimed at addressing pertinent policy-related inquiries.

Chandrayee is particularly keen on examining policies that impact marginalized and vulnerable communities. Her ongoing research encompasses the study of the behavioral ramifications of affirmative action policies, the influence of health reforms like Medicaid expansion, and investigations into the economics of charitable contributions.

Publications by Chandrayee Chatterjee