Angie Mondragón-Mayo

Universidad del Rosario, Colombia


Angie Mondragón-Mayo is a BSc, MSc in Economics from Universidad de Antioquia, and a Ph.D. student in Economics at Universidad del Rosario. She is a researcher at the Faculty of Economics at Universidad del Rosario and works as a consultant for the National Statistics Office of Colombia. Her current field placement is with Universidad del Rosario as a research assistant on the labor market, migration, and bio-economics projects.

She has worked as a researcher in Innovations for Poverty Action and taught Political and Monetary Economics at Universidad de Antioquia in Medellín Colombia.  Angie has also worked on projects financed by the World Bank, Fafo, Public Service of Employment, among others. Her areas of interest include labor economics, international migration, and political economy. She is a proud native of Cali, Colombia, and mother of one.


Publications by Angie Mondragón-Mayo