Aflatun Kaeser

Graduate Research Fellow


Aflatun earned his Master’s degree in the Science of Economics from Utah State University. He previously served as a Graduate Research Fellow at the Center for Growth and Opportunity (CGO). He collaborated with GGO’s Senior Research Fellow Professor Lucas Rentschler, Research Affiliate Professor Massimiliano Tani, and Postdoctoral Associate Zeeshan Samad at CGO’s Experimental Economics Lab. Their research aimed to understand immigrants’ attitudes towards immigration.

In the past, Aflatun was involved in the application of gene drive technology for the conservation of endangered species, working with CGO’s Research Associate Jennifer Morales. His overarching research interest is to address significant development and environmental challenges through the lenses of Behavioral and Experimental Economics and Machine Learning.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Aflatun also engaged in teaching, having served as a Teaching Assistant for quantitative courses like Econometrics and Machine Learning.


Publications by Aflatun Kaeser