Adam Smith

Johnson and Wales University


Adam Smith is a highly regarded economics scholar with a strong publication record. Since joining the faculty of Johnson & Wales University in 2010, he has established himself as a leading expert in the field of economics. His research has been published in several prominent academic journals, including Constitutional Political Economy, the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, the European Journal of Political Economy, Social Choice & Welfare, and Public Choice. In addition to his academic work, Smith has also written articles for popular publications like Forbes, US News & World Report, Charlotte Business Journal, and Regulation Magazine. Along with a co-author, he has written a book entitled “How Economic Forces and Moral Persuasion Interact to Shape Regulatory Politics.”

Adam Smith earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Winthrop University and his Master of Arts and Ph.D. degrees from George Mason University. He now teaches economics courses at Johnson & Wales University, where he is a respected and popular instructor. Smith’s research and teaching have established him as an influential voice in the field of economics, and his work continues to inspire students and scholars alike.


Publications by Adam Smith