Undergraduate CGO Fellow Receives Perfect Marks for Research Presentation

Last semester, a handful of Center for Growth and Opportunity student fellows participated in Utah State University’s annual Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium. One of them, Robbie Spofford, received top marks for his presentation of a paper he co-authored “Voluntary or Not, Still No Equilibrium Play in the Ultimatum Game: A Failed Replication.”

“I am incredibly thankful for the CGO to provide me such encouragement, mentorship, and immense support throughout the research presentation process, which has given me the confidence to continue sharing these and other scientific foundations with others to improve well-being for individuals and society,” said Robbie after his recognition.

Upon hearing about the accomplishment, Frank Caliendo, Economics and Finance Department Head at USU and Academic Director at the CGO, noted that: “Robbie Spofford is an outstanding research fellow. He is hard-working and intellectually curious—two qualities that will serve him exceptionally well throughout his career. We are proud of Robbie and all of the students at the CGO who are working on research topics of great socio-economic importance.”

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