CGO research fellows win HSB undergraduate and graduate researchers of the year

Each year the Huntsman School gives awards to recognize the achievements of its top-performing students. The 2019 Researcher of the Year awards went to two CGO research fellows, Jake Meyer (Graduate Student Researcher of the Year) and Josh Lyman (Undergraduate Student Researcher of the Year). CGO Academic Director Frank Caliendo stated “these students have worked very hard to develop an impressive set of research skills. We are proud to be affiliated with them at the CGO and will watch with excitement as their careers unfold after graduation.”

“My research fellowship with the Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University allowed me to get involved with research both on and off-campus,” said Jake Meyer, after learning of his selection. “The fellowship complemented my coursework and gave me additional training in important areas like academic writing and econometrics”

Josh Lyman, who recently became a Graduate Research Fellow at the CGO, commented that “I am so grateful for the center – through Koch Scholars, the Undergraduate and Graduate Research Fellowships, modules, and mentorship, I have been able to broaden my research skills, expanded my professional network, and have a deeper appreciation for public policy. They have provided me with the tools and resources I needed to become a successful researcher.”

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