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There are many issues that face us as a nation, on the local and the national level. The emergence of new technology poses benefits that are fraught with difficulties. We have unknowingly harmed the natural environment by our choices, which depletes resources for our children’s future. We see on the news almost daily how government policies on issues like immigration can harm our neighbors and our economy.

These problems require solutions. The best solutions require world-class research.

Your support means that real-world solutions are possible. You help students learn how to research issues now so that they can solve them today and in the future. You provide lawmakers with world-class research to make informed decisions. This means you impact the well-being of your neighbors and yourself. And this research that you make possible will equip you and others with facts and the truth you will need to win over others in discussions and debates ahead. This is how change is created.

Here are some examples of the tangible and positive change that your support accomplishes:

“I discovered important information related to my analyses after spending hours digging through Federal Registers and healthcare data, and came to understand potential strengths and weaknesses of a government program through hours of reading and study.”

—Sidney Tate (Class of 2018)

“. . . my staff and I have worked with CGO when exploring and developing reforms to the National Environmental Policy Act, the use of airspace for drones, and the management and use of our nation’s land. I commend CGO for its quality work, and I look forward to reviewing its future research and my continued collaboration with the organization.”

—Senator Mike Lee

Your tax-deductible donation today solves real-world problems that you care most about. Will you consider making a gift to support CGO in whatever amount your means allow today?

Yes, I want to preserve our environment and economy. I want to protect America’s future for my children and theirs.

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