The Great Antidote – Season One Recap


The Great Antidote is wrapping up its first season. In this very special episode, Juliette reflects back on some of her favorite responses to the question she has asks every episode “What is the most important thing people my age (17) or in my generation should know but don’t?”

The excerpts highlighted by Juliette are from the following previous episodes of The Great Antidote:

Andrea O’Sullivan on Bitcoin

Rachel Greszler on Paid Leave

John F. Cogan on The National Debt

David Boaz on Libertarianism

Eli Dourado on Technology and Stagnation

We want to thank our listeners and guests for everything this past year, it’s been a great ride. The Great Antidote team, wishes you happy holidays! Look out for new content in 2021! Please feel free to email us with any suggestions, questions, or concerns at [email protected]

In the meantime, feel free to catch up on all your favorite episodes below and subscribe here:

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