The Great Antidote – Russ Roberts

On this week’s episode of The Great Antidote podcast with Juliette Sellgren, she is joined by guest Russ Roberts. In their discussion, Juliette and Russ cover Roberts’ book How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life: An Unexpected Guide to Human Nature and Happiness, behavioral economics, and how to interpret Adam Smith’s The Theory of Morral Sentiments.

Russell David “Russ” Roberts is an economist and a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He is known for communicating economic ideas in understandable terms as host of the EconTalk podcast. His two rap videos on the ideas of John Maynard Keynes and F.A. Hayek, created with filmmaker John Papola, have had more than eleven million views on YouTube, have been subtitled in eleven languages, and are used in high school and college classrooms around the world. A three-time teacher of the year, Roberts has taught at George Mason University, Washington University in St. Louis (where he was the founding director of what is now the Center for Experiential Learning), the University of Rochester, Stanford University, and the University of California, Los Angeles. Roberts’ published work includes but is not limited to:

The Choice (1994)

The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance (2001)

The Price of Everything: A Parable of Possibility and Prosperity (2008)

How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life: An Unexpected Guide to Human Nature and Happiness (2014)

Gambling with Other People’s Money (2019)

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