CGO Student Research Fellow Interns at Interior Dept.

By The CGO

Sep 18, 2018

Rebekah Yeagley, Undergraduate Research Fellow and Amy Rees Anderson Academic Entrepreneur at the Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University, spent her 2018 summer break as an intern for the Department of Interior in the Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs in Washington, DC.

Yeagley said it was a unique experience to learn about how the Department of the Interior — an institution she had spent time researching earlier in her studies as an Undergraduate Research Fellowship — operates.

“During my fellowship at the CGO I learned about and researched many of the issues that the Department of Interior handles,” said Yeagley. “My understanding of the issues made it a lot easier to catch on quickly and have a more meaningful experience.”

Prior to her internship, she conducted research on environmental issues such as the Endangered Species Act (ESA), conservation, and wildlife management. This past spring, she presented her research findings at the Association of Private Enterprise Education annual meeting in Las Vegas, NV and the Center for Growth and Opportunity Student Research Showcase.

The Undergraduate Research Fellowship at the Center for Growth and Opportunity is a program for students to become major contributors to research projects, and to participate in trainings, reading discussions, workshops, and guest lectures. Often, internship opportunities become available to fellows as they progress through the program.

Yeagley said her internship experience helped her gain a broader understanding of how agencies operate, and the massive impact they can have on the livelihood of average Americans.

“Even if you do not want to study public policy for your career, an internship in DC can help you network and learn about policies that do impact your industry,” said Yeagley. “It is beneficial regardless of your major or career.”

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